All-round Services for Exhibition and Store Fittings

From concept to final realization

We work to ensure complete solutions, whether it's for Trade Show, Event and Booth Set-ups, Store Fittings or Showroom Design. Our commitment is to ensure the success of your project and event, so that you can enjoy it with peace of mind. For us, it's not just a job; we consider this activity an ongoing commitment to your satisfaction. We put all our expertise gained over the years and our professionalism at your disposal, allowing you to focus exclusively on your clients. By following, supporting and coordinating every aspect of your event or project, we ensure that we meet your every need, truly offering you a 360° Service.

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Booth and event set-ups, store, showrooms and unique spaces design that reflect your identity

We specialize in designing and organizing displays, events, retail, stores, corners and showrooms that capture attention and effectively communicate your message.

With meticulous attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials, we create unique designs that become true points of attraction.

Our goal is to ensure that every project we create is eye-catching and faithfully represents the identity of your company, brand and products.



A solid internal structure to manage your every project

We offer complete joinery, assembly, painting and electrical supply services.
Our highly qualified staff ensures precision and attention to detail during all project phases.

Using high-quality materials, our carpenters create customised elements for stands, event set-ups and commercial environments.

We handle assembly, painting and electrical supply, ensuring seamless integration and high-quality results.


We meet deadlines and ensure on-time delivery

We offer a comprehensive and reliable logistics service, managing all stages of the process from planning to final installation.

Our team carefully co-ordinates every aspect, including transport management and professional installation of the equipment, ensuring timely delivery and compliance with required specifications.

We provide high-quality turnkey solutions thanks to our attention to detail and care in logistics management.



Organisation and focus, for quick access to material

Two types of warehouse to meet your needs: one for storing customer fittings and the other for building material. Both are carefully managed and offer precise stock control. We organise shipments directly from the warehouse to the desired location. Simplify the management of your materials by relying on us for safe storage and quick access.

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We guarantee you reliability, punctuality, organizational efficiency and friendliness. Comprehensive and satisfactory service for all your needs.

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