"Turnkey" project

Project management in all its implementation phases

Whether it is just a part or the entire project, we take care of all phases of implementation, including construction work, flooring, siding and painting, exterior signage, furniture, lighting and systems. With our experience and expertise, we coordinate all activities to ensure on-time delivery and quality implementation.

Guaranteed cooperation

Management of external projects carried out by design firms and architects

We also collaborate with trusted design firms and architects for external projects. We are able to work synergistically with professionals in the field, respecting their specific directions and providing support in the planning, organization and execution of the project. We ensure that the end result is aligned with the designer's intentions and that all technical and logistical aspects are handled accurately.

Inspection & Survey

First assessment of the location and the work to be done

We conduct an initial site survey at the designated location: we perform a thorough survey and assess the conditions of the site, including existing structures, facilities, and any specific needs.
This gives us a clear view of the challenges and opportunities presented by the space, allowing us to develop an appropriate strategy for project implementation.

Preliminary proposal

For initial feedback on aesthetic, functional, and budget requirements.

After the site survey, we develop a preliminary proposal that takes into account the client's aesthetic, functional, and budget requirements. Using sketches and renderings, we present the client with an initial view of the design concept. This allows the client to get initial visual feedback and to make any changes or adjustments according to the client's preferences.

3D Survey

Accurate 3D surveying with Leica 3D Disto

To ensure optimal accuracy in design and implementation, we use advanced three-dimensional surveying technology with Leica 3D Disto. This tool allows us to capture detailed and accurate spatial data, including 3D measurements and representations. Three-dimensional surveying provides us with a solid basis for project design and engineering.

Final Project

Defining the work program

Once the concept is defined and approved, we proceed with the implementation of the final design. We develop detailed working drawings and technical specifications for all parts of the project, including furniture, structures, fixtures, and lighting. In addition, we provide a comprehensive estimate that includes costs for materials, production, and necessary services. In parallel, we create a detailed work schedule to ensure accurate planning and efficient management of resources.


Implementation of working drawings, production and assembly

Our engineering team designs and creates detailed working drawings for all parts of the project, in accordance with standards and technical specifications, to provide precise instructions for the production and assembly of the elements of the store or showroom. We collaborate with suppliers and skilled craftsmen to ensure high-quality fabrication and seamless integration of all elements.

Work on site

The project comes to life

This phase of construction begins on the job site: our team of professionals, including carpenters, masons, electricians and other specialists, is responsible for the execution of building work, siding, flooring, installation of systems and finishing work. During this phase, we closely monitor the progress of the work to ensure adherence to schedule and quality standards.

Final steps

Transportation, assembly and after-sales service

We take care of the transportation and assembly of all elements at the designated location. Thanks to our experience in logistics and the use of specialized personnel, we guarantee safe transportation and accurate assembly. In addition, we offer after-sales service, providing support and maintenance to ensure the proper functioning and efficiency of the equipment and furniture over time.

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