Project brief

Carefully considering budgets

At this initial stage, we carefully define the brief: the dedicated team works closely with the customer to understand needs, objectives, and any budget constraints. Through a series of meetings and discussions, we identify specific requirements related to design, functionality, and available resources. Our goal is to ensure a thorough understanding of the project and establish a solid foundation for the next steps.

Preliminary study

For initial feedback on aesthetic and functional requirements

Our team is committed to creating a preliminary study that reflects the aesthetic, functional, and budget requirements discussed earlier. Through sketches, renderings and virtual models, we present the client with various proposals for the booth or event set-up.
This stage allows the client to get initial visual feedback and make any changes or adjustments according to their preferences.

Final Project

With quote formalization

After the customer's positive feedback on the preliminary study, we proceed with the implementation of the final design: we develop detailed technical drawings and precise specifications for all parts of the set-up, taking into account structural requirements, safety regulations, and logistical needs. We then formalize the final complete estimate.


Implementation of working drawings, production and assembly

Once the final design has been approved, our engineering team is responsible for engineering and creating detailed working drawings. These drawings represent the precise instructions for the production and assembly of all parts of the exhibit, including structural elements, furniture, fixtures, and decorations. The production and assembly steps ensure the required quality and precision.

Fair Board Management

Practices and certifications pertaining to the fair and the organizing body

Participation in fairs and events requires handling a range of administrative paperwork and certifications: we handle all the formalities necessary to obtain authorizations, permits and certifications required by the organizing body and applicable regulations, including compiling documentation, communicating with the relevant authorities and fulfilling all legal and regulatory obligations.

Transport and assembly

At all major European exhibition hubs

Once production is completed, we take care of the organization of transportation and assembly at the designated exhibition site. With a well-established network of partners and suppliers, transportation services are efficiently coordinated to ensure the timely and safe delivery of all rigging components. Our assembly team of experienced technicians takes care of on-site installation, following the agreed-upon design and specifications.


In all stages of implementation

Throughout the set-up phase, the client can count on our dedicated and professional assistance: we provide constant support, coordinating all activities and providing regular updates on progress. In addition, our technical staff is available to solve any problems and ensure flawless project execution.

Rental Service

Furniture and audio/video equipment

We have a furniture and audio/video equipment rental service.
This includes rental of furniture, lighting, screens, sound systems, and anything else that may be needed for the booth or event set-up. Customers have a wide range of options to choose from to meet their specific needs.


A service for the future

To ensure a complete service, we provide a dedicated warehouse for: management, storage, and maintenance of set-ups and event elements. The warehouse is a secure and organized space that simplifies the set-up process for future participations.

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