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The Exhibition Stand created for Maryplaid during Milan Home, a company specializing in blankets, accessories, and home-wear products, exemplifies Effetre's dedication to excellence in Exhibition Setups. The result of a synergistic collaboration with the design studio BS89 Architects, this project underscores Effetre's ability to craft Unique and Captivating Solutions.

The meticulous research into suitable materials and color schemes has bestowed upon the Maryplaid Stand a clean and versatile aesthetic, earning admiration from the architect, who recognized the Quality and Attention to Detail.

The specialized team in engineering and constructing Exhibition Stands has significantly contributed to the success of this project, ensuring a perfect balance between Design and Functionality. The positive response from the end customer during the exhibition serves as a testament to the accomplishment of this endeavor.

Effetre is continually committed to providing customized solutions for Exhibition Setups, turning visions into tangible reality. The Maryplaid stand stands as a tangible example of Effetre's dedication to excellence in the industry.

Do you need to carry out a similar project? Contact us! Do you need to carry out a similar project? Contact us!
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